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Sancal - sofas, armchairs, chairs, dining and coffee tables, accessories

Santiago was just twenty when in 1973 he decided to set up shop on his own manufacturing classic Marie Antoinette style chairs. As demand grew, he enlisted the help of his brother Pepe and his wife Concha. Together, they transformed Sancal into the family company that it is today.

Sick of tufts and gold thread Santiago pivoted towards modern design. Sancal’s revolution coincided with a new period of openness and democracy in Spain.

Nowadays the company is owned and run by the Castaño-Carpena family. Santiago, José, Antonio and Elena are the sole shareholders. They have been joined by other members of the family who guarantee the future of this exciting venture.

Sancal’s interest in design has evolved over the years. As an introverted rationalist, Santiago has always found design to be the best way to do away with the superfluous. This personal philosophy guided the company during its first decades. The new century saw the artistic direction of the company being handed onto Santiago’s talented daughters Esther and Elena. Their take on design is more hedonistic and extroverted, where communication becomes part of a product’s function. The Natural, Flash, Tierra and Gráfica collections are testament to this evolution. A peaceful transition rather than a revolution, the company stands in good stead for future generations.

SANCAL products