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Nidi - children and student furniture, accessories

Nidi's history is tied to that of a longstanding company based in the northern Italian province of Treviso: Battistella, a leading name in furniture since 1953 and the first company in Italy to begin producing laminate children's bedroom furniture.

A solid tradition, highly specialized know-how and the development of new technologies - in the spirit of a sustainable culture - are the values that set apart the company's approach, its quality and the creativity of all its products.

The Nidi design project was born in 2013, inheriting Battistella's focus on design, its artisan-like approach and its manufacturing capabilities.

We believe that growing up is fantastic and that the places where this happens are very important. With our collections, we are drawing the boundaries of a colourful world built around the needs of its inhabitants and designing solutions that will transform it as time passes, accompanying kids and teens on their journey through each new stage of life.

NIDI products