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Lagrama, kids rooms, student rooms.

Spanish company Lagrama was founded in 1982. Their main focus is on children and student bedrooms, but also wardrobes, bedrooms and living rooms. What is worth noting are many original design ideas, for example the Avatar system, which allows custom printing on the flat parts of the furniture with your photograph or original graphics.

The collections contain of many individual elements, which are possible to be adjusted on request. Thanks to that, the furniture can be very flexible and variable and our designers can provide you with very special 3D proposals of your children room.

Why to choose Lagrama furniture?

  • precisely manufactured high quality furniture
  • Produced from own materials - laminated boards of 19-50 mm thickness. POssibility of laquer in NCS range. Materials meet the highest ecological demands of EU.
  • Custom production according to the needs of each client.
  • Possibility of providing 3D design proposal.

On-line catalogues:

- children and student rooms

- wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes

- living and dining rooms

- bedrooms

You can find Lagrama products on www.onespace.cz

or www.space4kids.cz