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JJP, kids furniture, student furniture, wardrobes, locker rooms.

Company JJP Muebles started their business in 1987 in Spanish Ulldecona. From the very begining they focused on the children and student furniture. During years the have created specific timeless style and design of the furniture. Their succesful collection called Infinity from 2015 was recently inovated under name Infinity 2. It brought a lot of news and clever solutions. Next to this collection you can notice also a design line of metal-frame beds NOOK and last, but not least, collection of wardrobes and locker rooms called No Limits+.

Why to choose JJP furniture?

  • precisely manufactured high quality furniture
  • Produced from own materials - laminated boards of 19-50 mm thickness. POssibility of laquer in NCS range. Materials meet the highest ecological demands of EU.
  • Custom production according to the needs of each client.
  • Possibility of providing 3D design proposal.

On-line catalogues:

- children and student rooms Infinity 2

- wardrobes and locker rooms No Limits+

- design beds NOOK

You can find JJP products on www.onespace.cz

and www.space4kids.cz