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GAN rugs and poufs

In the late 80s, José Gandia-Blasco, president of the company, reinvented a family business that had been around for four decades (since 1941). Faithful to the firm’s origins, José developed new lines of home textiles, betting big on design and incorporating the world of rugs to the offering. This is how the original GAN was born.

The proposal at that time was a risky one: contemporary design in a still very traditional industry. But the company tried to emphasize the expression of a new and personal language through good design, and the combination ended up triumphant. GANDIABLASCO’s textile collections were an unprecedented success.

José kept experimenting until the mid-90s, when GANDIABLASCO debuted in the field of outdoor furniture, with a proposal that stunned everyone and changed the course of the company. The outdoor collections kept coming, and with them, success. The company made a name for itself in the world of outdoor furniture, but GANDIABLASCO did not forget its beginnings, and rugs remained an important part of the catalog.

GAN products