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Student room 26

Student room 26

    Student room with folding bunk bed

    Student furniture consists of folding bunk bed, desk and roomy wardrobe. Higher bed is accessible by ladder.

    Dimensions of the bed : 209x38x213

    Dimensions of the wardrobe : 120x60x239

    Dimensions of the whole composition : 529x111

    Material : Laminate

    Colors can be selected according to color samples of JJP.

    Dimensions of furniture are very variable. For more informations, do not hesitate to contact us.

    You can buy the individual types of furniture. Or you can have 3D design and price calculation for the whole room.

    The price for the folding beds is about* : 85 900,- Kč with VAT

    The price for the wardrobe is about* : 23 200,- Kč with VAT

    The price for the whole composition is about*: 156 300,- Kč with VAT

    The price is without mattress.

    *The particular prices are dependent on current exchange rate.